Whitetail Deer Spincast Feeder Assembly Parts | Complete Controller Package 6V

Price: $130.66
SKU: RProKit-Package


Nothing will provide a sense of satisfaction greater than a father / son / daughter / grandson .. building their very own first whitetail deer feeder together .. even if it's just to set up in the backyard .. and watching the deer and other wildlife coming to the feeder .. TRUST ME I KNOW! - This particular package is a very simple, inexpensive and easy way to do just that! Every thing you need is INCLUDED .. INCLUDING BIGDADDY'S HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN FEEDER PLANS IN PDF FORMAT ..


INCLUDED is the AH RPro-Kit, Pro 6V Feeder Kit #30590
INCLUDED - Varmint Buster, BLVB1 and 6V Solar Panel, BLR680S
INCLUDED - 6V Battery, DE30045


Analog Clock Timer and Guard
Feeds 1  to 24 times per day
Adjustable feed rate 1 to 30 seconds
Varmint guard built in so you can have fun watching squirrels too
Very Easy to Set Up and Install - and Fits most any feed containers
Snap In the Varmint Buster, BL-VB1 and 6V Solar Panel, BLR680S
Includes powder coated "No Blow" slinger and Weather resistant housing