Two Person Tree Ladder Stand Hunting Blind | The Spector XT-17

Price: $274.66


Simply put .. this Two person ladderstand is as spacious and comfortable as you can get! The SpectorXT is almost a ghostly apparition up in the trees that gives trophy deer hunters a great perspective up and out of sight of the wary whitetails .. this roomy deerstand for the larger hunter or a hunting duo is 17' tall and makes any long hunt easier with its 41" W x 18" D flip back seat made of two ultra comfort FlexTek zero gravity seats with backrests. The Spector XT's padded shooting rail also flips back out of the way for standing shots, allowing hunters to make the most of the stand's extra large and deep 44" W x 29" D platform - a perfect place for that big phantom buck - Stable design comes with adjustable support bar, a 1" ratchet strap, and two (2) 1" stabilizer straps. Comes with two (2)  4-point Full Body Harnesses. Height: 17' at shooting rail. Maximum weight capacity: 500 lbs.