Tri-Pod Hunting Stands | 18' Eye Level Height | Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunters | Bow and Rifle Stealth

Price: $1,018.66


You'll enjoy using this easily transportable Family Traditions Deer Hunting Tripod Stand, Model # HSUM-TRI-18 and will comfortably hold one adult hunter and all the equipment you could possibly need. This is a single person, single chair tripod featuring a removable shooting rail for maximum movement and a 360° swivel type chair. Tripod hunting stands provide whitetail trophy deer hunters with options to hunt deer from an elevated position .. concealing scent and allowing you to back up to trees overlooking creek bottoms, draws, open fields, over fence rows and foodplots - all situations that might call for a good quality tri-pod hunting stand. 


  • The Tripod Stand Platform is 14' off the ground.

  • Think about it - Eye level is 18' off of the ground.

  • Premium quality swivel seat - 20" W X 15" D w/ 23" high back.

  • The Platform is 48" diameter of expanded metal.

  • Optional Anchor System is available.

  • The removable Rifle / Gun Rail is INCLUDED.

  • Optional Camouflage Skirting System is Available.

  • Optional heavy gauge plastic roof dome is available.

  • Optional 20" extended Roof Supports are available for Bow Hunters.

  •  Maximum Hunter Weight is 400 lbs.


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