StealthCam GXW 22MP Wireless Trail Scouting Camera | VERIZON Mobile 4G Network Package

Price: $550.66
SKU: Verizon-SC-12V


  •  INCLUDED - 12V Power System - Battery Solar Pack
  •  INCLUDED OPTION - Security Bear Box for GXW SERIES 
  •  INCLUDED - 32GB Micro SD Card 
  •  Smart Illumination Technology w/ 42 NO GLO Infrared Emitters
  •  GSM / 4G Network Compatible - USA, Canada and Mexico
  •  Camera Control & Image management with free Remote Link App
  •  Operate Multiple Cameras with single login
  •  100' Infrared Range 
  •  Professional Level 22MP Images
  •  Wirelessly transmits images and video clips
  •  Matrix advanced blur reduction enhancement
  •  16:9 wide-image ratio frames large areas
  •  720P HD video WITH AUDIO in 5 to 180 second segments
  •  .5 second Reflex™ trigger
  •  Retina™ low-light sensitivity and Matrix™


Be the go to guy on your hunting lease or ranch .. This Stealth Cam GXW22MP Wireless Trail Camera captures action mid stride , fast and advanced blur reduction enhancement for professional images. Wireless cellular capabilities transmit both images and video clips to you wherever you are using instant or delayed image transmission. Download the free Remote Link app for access to camera controls and image management – use one login to operate multiple cameras. 16:9 wide-image ratio frames large areas so you can see what else lurks in the background. Triad® technology records HD video with audio, smart illumination technology uses 42 "no-glow" IR emitters to illuminate night images and video without alerting big bucks and other wild game. Fast setup using the intuitive backlit menu with pre-programmed Quick Set options; Select 5 to 59 seconds .. or 1 to 59 minutes recovery time out to view more activity or conserve card capacity and battery life. Adjustable PIR allows you to customize the camera's range; The time lapse mode with PIR override to view extended periods of activity Like a Plot-Cam; Burst mode 1 to 9 images per triggering; Test mode speeds setup; Security mode rewrites SD memory; Secure Lock password protection adds another level of defense against prying eyes; Use the camera's Geo Tag GPS tagging capabilities to keep track of its location; Images and video stamped with time, date, moon phase, temperature and name; SD card slot compatible with capacities up to 512 GB; Requires (8) AA batteries or you can use the external power jack to connect 12-volt battery box and solar charging panel; Video and USB output; Multilingual interaction (English, French, German, Spanish); Available: Verizon and AT&T.