Stealth Cam DS4K Deer Scouting and Trail Camera

Price: $322.66


How Much Detail Do You Want To See at your hunting ground? This unit is equipped with ultra high definition, Stealth Cam’s STC-DS4K trail camera boasts 3840 × 2160 pixels which is a whopping four times higher than regular HD video. This 30 megapixel camera also boasts an adjustable 100 ft. infrared range for better night time IR images. Dual image sensors provide stunning and lifelike colors in the daytime and crisp Infrared Images at night - Forty Two (42) No-Glow IR LEDs illuminate night images without disturbing the wildlife. The 16:9 wide image ratio maximizes the field of view, and can be tagged with time, date, moon phase, temperature and name. Features Include: 30 MP, Video Resolution 4K Ultra HD Video with Trigger < .4 seconds and the Flash Range of 100 ft. with the NoGlo Flash.


The BOTTOM LINE: The world’s first 4K digital trail camera, the DS4K boasts stunning Ultra High Definition video with crisp, clear audio as well as 30 MP high resolution still images.  The STC-DS4K is equipped with dual image sensors. One optimized for low light night time imaging and the other for hi-resolution day time photos & videos.