Sliding Window Kit | Package Assembly Parts for Rifle and Gun Blinds

Price: $346.66


Deer Stand, Hunting Blind, Deerstand and Shooting Tower Sliding Window Kit | Package Assembly Parts for Rifle and Gun Blinds.  Each  package includes: (ONE) Twelve (12') Lineal Foot of Aluminum Deer Blind Window Track Parts, UPPER AND LOWER TRACK INCLUDED:  Ships in 48" Lengths [Nominal] NOTE: includes 12' of Upper and 12' of Lower Track - use the UPPER FOR the Sides and Tops of Window Assembly. Package Parts Include (1) Model EP-OB7SPF12  / FB7PF aluminum deerblind slider window track, aluminum extrusions for 1/4" Glass or Plexi. 





This type of track is made for 1/4"  thickness materials only - Tempered, Plate or Plexiglass Materials; Make your own by-pass horizontal sliding windows using 1/4 plate glass, 1/4" thick tempered glass or 1/4" Plexiglass or Lexan materials. Made for "flush mounting" at bottom rails and top rails ( see Upper guide ) - all extruded aluminum with black fibre inserts. CUT LENGTHS ALSO AVAILABLE IN 72" Lengths; For shipping purposes, these are "cut goods" from 12' stock lengths and as such are special order only items and as such, please understand prior to ordering, this product is not returnable nor is it refundable under any circumstances; PRODUCT NOTE:  No glass or plexi materials are included with this item track parts only; REMEMBER - Always overlap your selection of by-pass materials by a minimum of 2" for best results; Easy Installation .. anyone can install these window-tracks, you can also insert self adhesive pile strip for quiet and easy by-pass and minimizing any air gaps. Aluminum will last for many years and never rust. Channel is also a rigid aluminum extrusion. Use for retrofitting any existing deer blind or stand, or completing a new one.


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