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Price: $119.99


This Remote Access Package for Whitetail Deer and Trophy Bucks  .. Wild Hogs and more: Think about it .. mature whitetails 4½ or older, reside all over the places we hunt .. but rarely get shot. WHY? .. Don't believe that? Just put out a few trail scouting camreas and see what roams through at night. Once bucks start to mature they rarely get shot because they rarely leave the security of their bedding area in daylight .. they seek out places people don't normally go .. they almost always come from overlooked spots where others seldom hunt .. or even walk. Mature bucks like isolated hot spots - well here's an idea that you might try!


Consider BigDaddy's Premise - and get set up in out of the way and overlooked spots with this simple set up consisting of all the parts you'll need as follow:

Collapsible Nesting Feeder Assembly For Easy Handling, AHNF60CNF
INCLUDES: The Collapsible Durable High Density Polyethylene Feeder and digital clock
Collapses down to less than 8” high
Digital Economy Kit INCLUDED
Adjustable feed rate 1 to 30 seconds
Digital Timer programs to feed 4 times per day
Varmint Guard built in
Auto Memory Function stores info when batteries are depleted
Nylon Spinner Plate and Test button for easy setup
Rope Pulley System For setting Up Into Trees
Powered by 4 AA batteries – INCLUDED