The Pro-Model Camera Stick for Trail and Deer Scouting Cameras | Open Range Three (3) PACK

Price: $82.66


THIS IS A THREE (3) PRO PACK  .. of the Camera Mounting Stick for Trail and Deer Scouting Cams on the Open Range Areas - Move Your Cameras .. Not the mounts.


Trail Cameras and deer scouting cameras have come a long way in the past 15 years - here are some tools and accessories that BigDaddy says are ideal for mounting scouting and trail cameras .. in your food plots ..  or on uneven terrain .. in places where there's never a tree in the right place .. with these helpful  units you can get the best pictures anywhere!  For over 15 years Stealth Cam has been at the forefront of trail camera innovations and here is just another reason why -- How many times have you not had a tree .. or a post .. IN THE RIGHT SPOT? ... Or you set up your deer feeder exactly where you want it .. BUT IT"S NOT SITUATED IN A GOOD SPOT FOR YOUR SCOUTING CAM?  .. The nearest  fence posts are too far away?  ..  or there just isn't anything strong enough to attach the scouting camera to?  ----  WHATEVER!! These Trail Camera and Scouting Cam Accessories will help you solve all those problems ..  innovations to help you get the best results .. whether it's "low light" conditions .. or the angle of the sun at dawn or dusk  .. the placement of your scouting cameras is important.


  • Ideal for mounting trail cameras in treeless terrain
  • 360 degree Horizontal Rotation
  • 270 degree Vertical Tilt Adjustment
  • Compact two-piece design w/ strap for easy transport
  • Durable heavy gauge steel post
  • Foot step ground stake for easy installations
  • Sturdy construction for strong weather elements