HALO OPTICS 2019 Range Finder Optics Coming Soon To HuntSports.com

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HALO OPTICS 2019 Range Finder Optics Coming Soon To HuntSports.com --  and BigDaddy is always excited about new products and product updates because over the years I've done my fair share of "field testing" of new products .. and all those "latest and greatest" models .. but honestly, always with a "limited view" or perspective -- I am an avid Whitetail Trophy Deer Hunter .. and a killer of wild hogs and pigs .. and I love the "Good News" ..


Be looking for our upcoming 2019 new product listings and offerings for: HALO OPTICS 2019. BigDaddy would like any of your "INPUT" .. comments or opinions from all our friends who are whitetail deer hunters, wild hog hunters, ranch managers, outfitters, guides and others -- consider getting on our "waiting list" for these new products or send BigDaddy an email and ask for advance notifications or send him some potential offers for discounts and special pricing.


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BigDaddy says this one thing for sure! There are a lot of "rangefinders" out there .. every "brand" .. all claiming to be the best .. and a whole lot of ratings by people who really are just in the "marketing" business to push their products. So just take a step back and a deep breath .. and do a little comparison of your owm .. The Halo Optics utilizes advanced, premium range finder technology and materials - you'll find many other too BUT THEY'LL COST YOU A BUNCH MORE - and then look at the innovative ways the HALO PRODUCTS acquire range distances - QUICKLY AND ACCURATELY .. but let's be honest - you'd expect nothing less than that today .. RIGHT?

So as you look and search for Rangefinders and all the newest Range Finder Technology .. and compare prices vs. value received .. distance and "hold" vs. model after model .. and the distance magnifications you'll be impressed. Models Comparisons: Nikon Aculon, Leupold Marksman, Vortex Ranger, Pursuit Archer's Angle, SIG Sauer, BDX Rangefinder, Leupold RX Full Draw 3, Vortex Fury HD, Cabelas, Pursuit XR700, Nikon Laser Force, Nikon PRO STAFF.