Gravity Head Four (4) Way Drop Feeder Parts

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SKU: BB18-Stnd


Free Choice Deer Feeding Parts .. Gravity Feeder Parts - Protein Lower Unit Assembly 


BigDaddy's PDF is INCLUDED!  Free "HOW-TO" Feeder Plans ..



These are specially designed for use with feeders with four (4) legs - Feed tubes have 10° Angle and have 1" overlap on top of each port; Feed ports are 8" long and 4" Inside diameter; and each port has a drain hole. This is what we call the Standard heads that are injection molded. There are some Roto Molded Gravity Feed Heads that are ideal for use with .. High Fenced Properties, Exotic Species, Aggressive Species, Hogs and Boars. HuntSports offers the Boss Buck Family of Feeder Products and Accessories | Free Choice Feed Conversion Kits, Parts, Protein Lower Unit Assemblies, Accessories for all gravity and free choice feeders, automatic control timer conversion parts, deer feeder accessories.