Deer Blind Window Track Aluminum Parts Package 96 Lineal Feet | Deer Stands Shooting Towers Blinds

Price: $333.00
SKU: Extruded-S-POR


Deer  Blind Window Track Parts - NINETY-SIX (96) LINEAL FEET TOTAL .. you can choose how you want to build your own reftro-fit sliding windows .. you can use plexiglass (3/32") .. or Lexan ( 3/32") .. or you can get "tempered" glass in 3/32" thickness at your local glass company .. you decide whether you want to mount inside or outside ( BigDaddy Recommends Outside ) .. AND YOU CAN SIZE ANYWAY YOU WANT - 24"W , 36" W, 42"W, 48"W, 60" W, up to 72" W .. and whatever Height You desire - 10"H, 12" H, 14"H, 16" H -- WHATEVER!


Order this Sliding Window Aluminum Channel Track Kit and you also get BigDaddy's Window DIY PLANS PDF. Build your own deerblind windows and save a lot .. this is 1-9/16″ Long Leg x 1-1/16″ Short Leg for total of 1/4″ thickness of Materials.


This is a "Single Channel" aluminum track for use with 3/32" Thickness of Plexiglass, Lexan, PolyGal or Real Glass ( tempered is Recommended ) .. make your overlap in center any width desired .. and simply slide left ot slide right .. drill your own weep holes .. normally ships in 5-9 working days A.R.O. ( after receipt of order ) - Mill Finish, Dull / Non-Shiney Finish and you can spray paint as you see fit. NOTE: as extruded parts there may be some  "scratches or die lines" - NO PLEXIGLASS, LEXAN OR GLASS IS INCLUDED.