Deer Blind Stand Retro-Fit Inside or Outside Mounting Slide Aluminum Window Channel | 1/8" Plexiglass

Price: $202.66


Deer  Blind Large Stand "Retro-Fit" - Inside or Outside Mounting Slide Window Channel Track Kit with FREE PLANS PDF. Build your own deerblind windows and save; Enough for Eight (8) average windows 36" x 12" ( total of SIXTY (60') lineal feet of track )  


Single channel for sliding windows for use with 1/8" Thickness Plexiglass ( or Lexan ) ** For instance for a 36" Wide window you would use two (2) pieces of 1/8" plexi about 20" - 22" W .. so you will have an overlap in center and simply slide left ot slide right. Special Order item and normally ships in 5-9 working days A.R.O. ( after receipt of order ) - Lengths available - Standard Nominal 72" Lengths;  Other Lengths @ 48" / 36" - see other listings. Aluminum materials are cut from 12' stock lengths;Mill Finish, Dull / Non-Shiney Finish; As extruded, may or may not have "scratches or die lines" - NO PLEXI OR LEXAN IS INCLUDED.


EASY INSTALLATION - anyone can install these window-tracks, set to inside or outside of your hunting blind; Aluminum will last for many years and never rust. Channel is rigid aluminum extrusion. For retrofitting any existing deer blind or stand, or completing a new