Coyote Light Pro | High Performance Predator Hunting Light | Rifle Gun Monopod

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SKU: Coyote Light Pro


BigDaddy says if you're into having some shooting fun at the ranch or lease .. this is the ultimate in high performance predator hunting lights!  Coyote Light Pro can be hand held .. or mounted to either a gun scope or monopod for plenty of versatility for night shooting of coyotes, wild hogs and big old boars. Solid State LED is rated to 65,000 hours and features up to 48 hours of continuous run time .. you'll be amazed as you "Lightup" those predators’ eyes at over 1,000 yards! .. the bottom line with lights like this is very subjective: There was a 3rd party "lux rating" of over 39000 Lux on the red lights .. We have seen eyes over 800 yards away and have identified full body animals at 500 yards .. with clear conditions and good optics. Coyote Lights are Designed, engineered, and manufactured to be the highest quality professional grade LED predator lights available. Used for hunting coyotes, predators, hogs, pest control, military, emergency, and law enforcement. Includes batteries, wall charger and the 1" scope mount.