Complete Tri-Pod Spincast Deer Feeder | 6V Solar and Battery Included | Corn Soybean or Protein Mix

Price: $413.33


350 LB. TRIPOD FEEDER with the AH20558 DIGITAL TIMER for long term dependability and high torque. This is a complete unit combo for feeding all your whitetail deer and other wildlife .. COMPLETE WITH EVERYTHING YOU NEED INCLUDING THE BATTERY AND SOLAR PANEL - This model has 350 LB Capacity and can be utilized with corn, soybean, roasted soybean mixes or pelletized protein for year round use at your hunting property, ranch or family farm.


  • Complete Feeder Assembly Features Include:
  • Heavy Duty Metal Controller Housing Box
  • 6V Motor Controller
  • Heavy Duty “No Blow” Slinger that resists wind and grain trickling
  • Metal Downspout
  • 6 Volt H/D Rechargeable Battery System IS INCLUDED
  • Deluxe Digital Timer with Power Charge Indicator
  • Adjustable Spincast Speed Controls
  • Feeds 1 to 8 different times per day and day Adjustment Controls for days of the week
  • Adjustable feed rate from 1 to 30 Seconds Per Feed Time

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