Complete 50Lb Hanging Deer Feeder | Analog RKit-Pro Varmint Buster Battery Solar Panel and Hoist Pulley

Price: $190.66

This is a complete 50Lb Hanging Deer Feeder | Digital RKit-Pro and Varmint Buster, Battery and Solar Panel - take this 50 Lb Feed Capacity unit into some secluded honey holes .. creek bottoms and draws - This is a complete unit combo for feeding in those out-of-the-way spots for those big whitetails and other wildlife that tend to stay secluded from pressure. COMPLETE WITH EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR EASY SET UP -- INCLUDING THE BATTERY AND SOLAR PANEL. Can be utilized with corn, soybeans, roasted soybean mixes or pelletized protein for year round use.


  • **INCLUDED - Varmint Buster BLVB1 and SOLAR PANEL R680S
  • **INCLUDED - 6 Volt Rechargeable Battery 30045
  • **INCLUDED - Heavy-Duty Rope Hoist for EZ Lifting High Into trees
  • 50 LB Capacity Hanging Feeders 50PROAP | Realtree Ap Camo
  • Dependable and easy to use Analog clock timer and guard
  • Feeds 1 to 24 times per day and Adjustable feed rate (1-30 sec)
  • Varmint guard built in and varmint buster VB1 and solar panel R680S
  • Includes powder coated “No Blow” slinger