Cloak Pro 12 Lightsout Whitetail Deer Scouting Trail Cam | 36 Infrared Invisible LED Flash

Price: $94.66
SKU: KP12B8-8 HSCM0555


BigDaddy has always recommended the Infrared Invisible Flash for best overall scouting success at whitetail trails, deer foodplots, river bottoms and tree lines -- and this budget priced unit will alow you to purchase several cameras to cover more area and get better results with this Cloak Pro™ 12 Lightsout™ [NoGlow] Decked out in TruBark™. The camera practically disappears when wrapped around a tree and even when in use, the camera remains secretive with Silent Shield™ technology .. Low light operation won’t give away your spot either, thanks to Lightsout™ technology that illuminates game movement with a 36 invisible LED flash. Cloaked from game’s eyes and ears, the Cloak Pro 12 Lightsout promises to deliver impressive 12MP images and 720p videos.



  • Silent Shield™ technology keeps operation quiet
  • Remains unseen with Lightsout™ invisible infrared LED flash
  • HD photo and 720p video capabilities
  • Energy efficient for long-term use
  • Water-resistant housing combats weather
  • Bungee cords for easy installation
  • Up to 32GB SD card and 8 AA batteries required (not included)