Bow and Rifle Deer Hunting Blind 360° Visability | Free Shipping Lower 48 States

Price: $1,186.66


NEW for 2019  - ** ALL UNITS ARE PRICED WITH FREIGHT AND SHIPPING CHARGES INCLUDED ** [To the Continental USA | Lower 48 States] Both a  Patented Product .. and made in the USA! The Maverick Blinds Are Packed With Turnkey Features .. The Maverick Blind Six Shooter Windows have been lengthened (except for the one in the door); Another consideration is that Maverick Blinds are being used by over two hundred Outfitters - which ought to say something to you? The new Maverick Blinds now come equipped with a full set of tough and durable Plexiglass Windows and are available in three (3) different options: Clear, Tinted and Black Out. Your investment in the Maverick Five (5) Shooter is loaded with turnkey features like:


  • Generous Size - 5' 6" diameter and 75" height tall enough to stand in.
  • Units are Light Weight and Weigh only 100 lbs.
  • True 360° shooting visability for gun and bow hunters alike.
  • Three (3) 10” x 18” vertical and Three (3) 18” x 10” horizontal Plexiglass windows
  • Options for Clear, Tinted and Blackout Plexiglass Windows
  • A 28” x 44” door with a Slide Lock Seal - All hardware included.
  • NO RAIN INSIDE - a 2” overhang at 2-piece connection.
  • Extremely durable and also Paintable for your custom camo designs.
  • Constructed of a UV stabilized material.
  • 2” bottom flange base to stake down or mount to your platform.
  • Available in a black or green finish.
  • Optional "trap door" configuration if you desire.
  • Optional FLOOR BASE FRAME with Nex-level mounts that attach to the floor base.