Best Whitetail Deer Big Trophy Buck Survey Equipment Axion Key Thermal Monocular XM22

Price: $2,039.96
SKU: HAPL77424-XM22


BigDaddy says there are a number of ways to estimate your whitetail deer population separated by bucks, does and fawns. You can use data to produce estimated deer densities, buck:doe ratios, sort "unique" or mature bucks by estimated age etc. There are Spotlight Surveys, Infrared Game and trail cams, conduct camera surveys - but i think the use of Thermal Imaging Optics may be the most accurate of all ..


The Pulsar Axion Key XM22 is an advanced thermal imaging monocular based on new 320x240 12-micron technology at 50hz refresh rate and HD 960x720 color LCOS micro display for exceptional image quality and long detection ranges -- UP TO 1000 YARDS -- Axion is light and compact and fits in one hand or pocket. One of the best choices for portable thermal monocular for spotting, scouting and situational awareness. Axion Key XM22 housing is made from rigid magnesium, weighs only 8.8oz and waterproof to 3 feet for up to 30 minutes. Pulsar Axion features fast germanium 22mm F1.2 lens with 2x native magnification manual focus and up to 8x digital zoom, instant start up, 8 color palette modes including popular “Black Hot” and “White Hot”. Unlike Axion XM30/XM38, Axion Key XM22 does NOT have a built-in video, photo capturing or built in Wi-Fi. Axion is powered by a quick-change B-Pack Mini power system.


  • Microbolometer resolution, pixels - 320x240 uncooled
  • Pixel Size, micron – 12 and Frame Rate, Hz – 50
  • Display – 960 x 720, high contrast color LCOS
  • Germanium Objective Lens – 22mm/F1.2
  • Minimum Focus Distance, 3m
  • Native Magnification, 4X with Digital Zoom 2-8 (up to 4x)
  • USB type – micro USB
  • Battery type – B-Pack (Li-Ion)/3.0-4.2V