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BigDaddy says if you're looking for a sure bet for you and your son [daughter] for some "quality time" together .. before hunting season ... something to do for a short weekend project .. down at your hunting property or trophy lease .. I'VE GOT JUST THE TICKET FOR YOU.


As you talk about whitetail deer hunting, foodplots, deerblinds and the upcoming deer season -- YOU CAN SET UP BigDaddy's NUMBER ONE - "all time best" Deer Feeder and still get all the personal satisfaction and share the sense of achievement and accomplishment, except without all the work involved like no other! I Know because I raised sons and daughters and we all have these memories together getting ready for hunting season. REST ASSURED -- the only thing that will surpass this project is when your son or daughter sits with you in a blind and sees all the wildlife coming to your feeder to eat! THEY'LL NEVER FORGET IT  ..  I PROMISE!


BOTTOM LINE: Everything Is Included .. the barrel, the legs, the winch, all the feeder parts, all the assembly instructions - EVERYTHING!!  .. And this is bay far, the absolute best TRIPOD WINCH SYSTEM YOU'LL EVER FIND!  ---  EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED .. nothing left out, everything has been thought thru .. parts are "pre-drilled" for an easy assembly and installation process - and the best "spincast" radius in the market. 



  • INCLUDED: The Complete Heavy Duty 12V High Torque Controller System
  • INCLUDED: The 12V Digital Timer for feed times & spincast time adjustments
  • INCLUDED: Galvanized Steel Case that will last for years!
  • INCLUDED: The 12 Volt [7.5AH] Battery and 12V Solar Panel
  • INCLUDED: The Steel 55 Gallon Waterproof Lid  
  • INCLUDED: The 55 Gallon Steel Barrel Funnel
  • INCLUDED: The 55 Gallon Barrel Band Leg Assembly
  • INCLUDED: The Header Assembly w/ Pulley
  • INCLUDED: The Hanging Bail for the 55 Gallon Drum
  • INCLUDED: The 1500 Lb EZ Winch-Up Assembly w/ Cable & Hook
  • INCLUDED: The 2" x 2" Steel Leg Assembly Parts - all pre-drilled
  • INCLUDED: The Leg Chains to prevent wind movement of barrel


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