600 lb. Capacity Stand and Fill Sled Base Whitetail Trophy Deer Wildgame Feeder

Price: $1,018.66
SKU: I.600-SB

Stand and Fill Sled-Base Game Feeder - This 600-lb. Capacity "Stand and Fill" Sled-Base Game Feeder eliminates the need to climb ladders or stand on the tailgate of your pick-up to fill and refill. Light weight construction and sled base make it easy to move the feeder around your lease and the wide stance makes the feeder virtually impossible to turn over - even by wild hogs! The 12-volt automatic, timed feeder casts feed up to six times per day and in 1-30 second durations. Adjustable RPM setting allows flow rate and distance to be fine-tuned for specific locations [30' max radius] The 12-volt control system sits in a welded, steel cage that prevents varmints from getting to it and the drop down door allows the timer to be easily set. The feeder comes complete with a rechargeable 12-volt battery and 12V solar panel charger. The frame is 2" x 1/8" angle iron and 1-1/2" 14 gauge welded square tubing with quick connect locking springs and carriage bolts that allow for fast and easy assembly. This feeder can be safely moved with a tractor equipped with pallet forks, or slid across the ground on its skids. use with corn, roasted soybean mixes, or protein.