STEEL FRAME Deer Hunting Blind DIY BuildYourOwn Texas Style Tall Towers & Blinds


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BuildYourOwn D.I.Y Network Steel Metal Frame Deer Blinds & Stands Plans  How To PDF DOWNLOAD SET 5  ( MSRP $69.95 )

PDF SET 5 (MSRP $ 89.95) - HuntSports #1 SELLER - The "Texas Tall Tower" Stands/Blinds Package II. This set is for use with iron/steel ( welding ) or steel frame (nuts 7 bolts ) or wood framing; Stock # HSTTTSP2 this is by far our most popular and most sought PDF file outline plan. The most unique set (1) The # HSTWXVI , "Texas Trophy Whitetail XVI" Tower Stand Plan Outlines Set , and the (2) #HSBX , "Texas Tall Tower I" Box Stand Plan Set - with these you can build your own Texas Hunter Style Towers and deer stands. These would be the base plans and boxes that get you up high. NOTE: If you are afraid of height do not use these plans. However, for those who desire to take their "whitetail trophy hunting" to new heights - in comfort and safety, then this is the plan set for you. These plans are for somone who welds or wants a welder to fabricate a stand or blind to provide a stand to last a lifetime.

  • All Specs for "MIRROR DEER BLINDS" Included
  • All ACRYLIC MIRROR FINISH INFO and other reflective blind materials are Included.
  • Building Your Own Deer and Hunting Blind Windows and Doors PDF is included;
  • This is only "one section" .. from BigDaddy\'s "Whole Enchilada"  CD 

When you order this PDF we will send a code via E-Mail to download the document.

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