Nomad Moose Electronic Game Call Kit

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<p class=\"MsoNormal\" style=\"text-align: justify; \"><font face=\"arial\"><b>Nomad Moose Electronic Game Call Kit</b></font></p><p class=\"MsoNormal\" style=\"text-align: justify; \"><font face=\"arial\"><b><br></b></font></p><p class=\"MsoNormal\" style=\"text-align: justify; \"><font face=\"arial\">Just place your Moose call(s) in a strategic location and operate using the Transmitter (remote control). Operate the 2 receivers with a single Transmitter for long range remote controlled calls. &nbsp;The call has one hand operation and a weather resistant case. Compact design weighs only 8 oz. The receivers attach to trees, brush and fences. This powerful game call clips onto your belt for easy transport. &nbsp;Real animal sounds by world famous naturalists, digitally recorded, digitally reproduced. Has an effective remote range of 100 feet. Uses 4 AAA alkaline batteries (included/installed). Five (5) real live Moose Calls recorded by wildlife experts will help make your moose hunt a success. Includes the following sounds: Sparring Bulls, Estrus Cow, Mating Moose, Calf, Lonesome Cow.</font></p><div style=\"text-align: justify;\"><br></div>

Price: $98.88