Are Wild Hogs and Boars violent in nature?

Just look around online and you'll find ample documentation of wild hogs and human encounters. However, the likelihood of a human being impacted by a hog / vehicle collision or disease risk - while still low is greater than an actual physical attack by a wild hog or boar. Where the rare wild hog attacks occur, it is usually during a hunting scenario where dogs are used to bay or corner a pig. Occasionally, hunters might walk between a sow and her litter and the sow reacts to protect her young. Totally unprovoked attacks outside of these two scenarios are rare. Given a choice, wild hogs usually flee rather than fight. 

What are wild hogs eating habits?

Wild pigs are opportunistic omnivores - this simply means they feed on plant and animal matter in addition to being scavengers. They are largely indiscriminant in their feeding habits and eat both almost anything - approximately 75% to 85% of their diet is believed to be composed of vegetation such as crops where available and about 10% animal matter. Small pigs may eat approximately 5% of their body weight daily and larger wild feral hogs and pigs an estimated 3 % of body weight.

What is the best color to use for a hog hunting feeder night light?

BigDaddy has probably been making LED hog hunting feeder lights longer than anyone except Karl over at Ultramatic - Red, Green, White, Amber or White Light? .. The advantage of a red light is that you will be able to light up a wider variety of areas and animals without spooking, or allowing them to get more relaxed in that lighted area. I'm not a scientist - But A Hunter. You can read all you want about animals not seeing red light and this animal not seeing green light, the truth is they all see light! It is true that a hog, because of its visual spectrum, will not see the color red or green and that the same holds true for coyotes not being able to recognize the color red.

BigDaddy's Philosophy On Lights is simple - they need to be "elevated" above a feeding or shooting area for best results - regardless of color. The visible spectrum of light is the portion of the spectrum that is visible to animals, called visible light or simply light - BigDaddy recommends RED or Infrared Light as best.

How strong is a wild hog's sense of smell?

The wild pig’s sense of smell is well developed and is much better than both their eyesight and hearing - they rely strongly on their sense of smell to detect danger and search out food. They are capable of sensing some odors up to seven (7) miles away and may be able to detect odors as much as 25 feet underground! Appealing to this tremendous sense of smell - fermented or scented baits can provide additional attraction to make them more vulnerable to trapping and shooting.

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How heavy can Wild Hogs, Feral Pigs and Russian Boars and Wild Pigs Grow?

Weights depend on genetic background and food availability. Generally, the wild Big Boars can reach larger weights than females but this is not a hard and fast rule. Average weights vary but run 200 pounds for adult males and 175 pounds for adult females. A 300 pound feral hog is a large wild pig. The unusually large weights of 500-Plus pounds that you hear about occasionally reported in the media are very rare.

What is the average life span of a wild boar or feral hog?

Mortality rates vary greatly and impact the very young and the very old primarily. Predation is not a big issue once they reach about 10 to 15 pounds. Hunting can be a significant mortality factor in some regions but generally is not enough to offset population growth. Average lifespan is probably between 4 and 8 years of age according to The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service which surveyed landowners in 2011 to determine an estimate of how many wild pigs are removed from the Texas landscape each year.