Kenco Straight Shooter Life Timer Directional Throw Rubber Impeller Part

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KENCO FEEDER PARTS - Impeller Part (1 Ea )

Kenco Feeder Motor Repair Replacement Parts Kenco Flambeau Tornado Feeder Smart Timer Life Timer II FEEDER REPLACEMENT PARTS. Hard to find and harder to get - Kenco Straight Shooter  PC44S / PC-44-S / PC4-4S Replacement Parts for your old Kenco Straight Shooters, motors, part # 917125A, Kenco Tornado Feeders, Smart Timer Units, circuit board replacements for Life Timer II and others - ALL ARE DISCONTINUED - if you\'ve been searching for Kenco Game Feeder / Deer Feeder Parts Email for Kenco® Straight Shooter™ Timer Part Replacements and OEM Substitutes.

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