HawgLite Paintball Assault Master Night Light LED Sight System

SKU: 814

The Night Paintball Black OPS  .. be the envy of yopur paintball club. The Marauder LED Sight Light System For AR Assault Rifle Rail Systems

BigDaddy at HuntSports says this is a good bet for paintballers from Maine to Texas .. California to Florida .. FUN FUN FUN!  The AR Marauder LED Lighting Set Up for your night paint ball gun hunting fun, a great way to stay out of trouble! Unit comes with rail mount and three (3) Interchangeable 3 Watt LED heads - red, green or bright white.

( Red 60 lumens, Green 88 lumens and White 110 lumens ) sufficient to shoot your bow up to 50 yards accurately at night! Our unique bow mount allows "the Marauder" to be mounted and used on any bow, modern or traditional.  The Marauder is activated by a pressure sensitive switch mounted on the grip, this allows you to draw the bow and get set before turning on the light.You can also remove the Marauder from your bow and install the included tailcap switch which allows use of the Marauder as a premium quality flashlight! The Marauder also mounts on virtually any rifle with our rifle mounting kit.

Price: $148.88