Wild Hog Proofing Your Deer Feeders | Coon, Squirrel and Critter Management

Hog-Proofing Your deer and Wildlife Feeders was once impossibe - not now according to BigDaddy at HuntSports


Keeping wild hogs and big old boars from destroying your deer feeders used to be all but impossible - not any more! BigDaddy says that the deluxe feeder footpads if installed correctly with T-Posts .. will withsatnd a lot of abuse by those old hogs.  Check out the other deer and wildlife feeder solutions for pesky and unwanted guests .. keep smaller critters out of your feeders with our one-piece Varmint Funnels ... these durable 22-gauge galvanized-steel funnels withstand years of outdoor use and effortlessly installs on square or round feeder legs. Four self-tapping screws included. Predrill pilot holes then attach funnels with screws for best results.