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How often do you "rattle" for whitetail deer?

What is the "best way" to hunt during the whitetail rut?

What is a whitetail deer's favorite food?

When is a doe ready for breeding?

How can I tell when the whitetail rut starts in my area?




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RATTLING: Pick a likely spot and start slowly and quietly -- rattling antlers lightly for only about 45-60 seconds .. then wait about five minutes -- repeat sequence but make the sound louder, longer and more "agressive" .. Wait about 15-20 minutes before rattling again, or moving quietly to another spot.


BEST WAY TO HUNT: I think as do many others who have hunted whitetails for many years -- the best way to increase your odds is to increase your time in a hunting stand -- elevated hunting blinds are undoubtedly the best .. ground blind or treestands work for bow hunting all day .. but may not be the most comfortable. REMEMBER -- you don't need to be miserable and cold to get a trophy whitetail "rut crazed" buck .. they will travel through -- so be alert .. be comfortable .. and take advantage of the buck's all day vulnerability.


FAVORITE FOOD: Very subjective as far as BigDaddy is concerned .. everywhere you look and read you see "Nuts" are the most preferred food of the whitetail deer -- sure they eat acorns, beechnuts, hickory nuts and pecans -- the only problem where we have hunted in South texas and Kansas -- none of these exist? We use supplemental deer feeders and roasted soybean and corn mixes work great! And in today market you now find all types of corn additives , scented products and the like .. I have found over many years - WHITETAILS LOVE A FREE LUNCH!!


BREEDING: Young Does / Fawns Can breed at around six to eight months of age according to the deer experts at QDMA .. and they'll tell you it's a Good Sign. Some doe fawns breed and conceive in their first fall. BigDaddy has always said this is another reason for what may appear to be a second .. or LATE RUT .. as these younger does were not in estrous during the early cycles.


THE RUT STARTING:  Here's what to look for - more Buck Activity .. When bucks start wandering from their beds well before sunset and also linger, often in groups, in or around doe feeding areas for an hour or two after sunrise, it's because they're looking for the first estrous does. That's a sure sign the rut is about to begin in full.


RUT STARTING STATISTICS - according to BigDaddy at Huntsports.com - one of the best ways I have found is to look into the states department of motor vehicles online statistical data bases - looking for the annual increase in deer and vehicle accident reporting of animal vehicle accidents .. you'll get a real ey-opener when you do this and see the annual reporting of accidemnts and dates ..