TRIPOD 3 WAY EXTENDED TUBE FEEDER | Corn, Protein, Soybean | FREE CHOICE | No Moving Parts Timers or Batteries | 350 Lb Capacity | Complete Unit Assembly

SKU: AH-350T3

COMPLETE TRIPOD FEEDING SYSTEM - 3 WAY EXTENDED TUBE FEEDER for your special feed mixes, acorn blends, corn, protein or soybean mixed feeds for that Trophy Deer Spot with a free choice gravity flow system - No Moving Parts .. No Timers and No Battery ti mess with. 350 Lb Capacity  Complete Unit Assembly


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If you're searching for durable, light-weight, high feed capacity units, versatile deer feeding equipment that will convert from gravity feed to automatic deer feeding; Affordable deer feeders for years of service and maintenance free units, easy to assemble and easy to maintain line of deer feeder parts for 35, 55 and 85 gallon style feeders - from lids, funnels, timers. spinner cups, batteries, drop tube free choice add-on assembly that bolts to any 55 gallon drum or barrel and works great as a free-range deer feeder for protein, corn,  soybeans, and more!

Price: $268.88