SURPRISE SURPRISE - Which States Have the Most Successful Deer Hunters?


If you're old enough to remember Gomer Pyle .. and the way he always used to say .. "SURPRISE .. SURPRISE" .. then you will understand this better .. which States Have the Most Successful Deer Hunters? BigDaddy says .. worth a look see .. this article by Kip Adams -- Which region and state have the most successful deer hunters? In 2017, the Southeast took top honors with South Carolina leading the way. We determined this by surveying every state and provincial wildlife agency on the percentage of hunters who harvested at least one deer and the percentage who harvested two or more deer during the 2017 hunting season. We had similar data from 2011 and were able to compare changes across the years ..


NOTE: This article is an excerpt from our 2019 Whitetail Report. To see how your state compares to others in a whole host of deer harvest statistics and hunting trends, you can download your free copy today.



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