Soil Testing Kits Best Planting Dates Product and Seed Selections and Brands


I can't recall all the times I am asked about things like .. Soil testing and kits, best Planting Dates, Best Product Selections and Brands .. Help Whitetails Refuel After the Rut, best Ways to Grow Food Plots, Is Chicory good for Deer? .. Best Types of Clover .. and so forth and so on! I pretty much fall back on the folks that have been the leaders in all this stuff for many years - The QDMA .. the leading whitetail organization dedicated to conserving North America’s favorite game animal - The Whitetail Deer!  We are all hunters from all walks of life who share a passion for the white-tailed deer. Our responsibility is to help ensure the future of white tailed deer, our hunting heritage and the wildlife habitat we like to utilize. As the authority on all things whitetail, QDMA blends the art of hunting with the science of deer management to create better deer and better deer hunting - for all of us.

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