Pine Ridge AT-5 Trail Scouting Camera Support Mount

SKU: 527

The AT-5 will revolutionize your method of camera scouting. We all know the hassles and limitations with hanging trail cameras. Not that it is difficult, but it seems that often times, there is not a tree where we want to place the camera, or the tree is not just right. The AT-5 solves these issues. You can still mount to a tree with the AT-5 by using the strap we provide, but now you can tilt the camera up or down to match any angle you need (no more wedging sticks behind the camera). Plus, you can pivot the AT-5 left or right to catch a crossing angle if you need to. If you have ever wanted to monitor a trail through a food plot, CRP, swamp, feeder pen, briar patch or anywhere there is not a suitable tree, simply put a metal fence post in the ground where you want your camera to be and mount the AT-5. There is no need for bulky and expensive tripods!If you have an existing fence row, mount the AT-5 and catch all the passing activity or pivot it to the side and catch them jumping or crossing the fence.The best thing is that one AT-5 accomplishes all these for a very affordable price, plus it works with all trail cameras! Get one for each camera you own and start scouting "Any Terrain...Any Time"!

Price: $23.88