People always asking BigDaddy at HuntSports .. QUESTIONS ABOUT FEEDER HOGLIGHTS?

What is the brightest feeder hog hunting lights?

What is the best LED Lights for feeder lights for night hunting hogs?

What is the best LED hoglight for my deer feeders?

How many lumens can I get around my hoglight feeder setup?

What are your best and most powerful led feederlights?

What color light is best for wild hog and boar feederlights when hunting at night?

What color light is best for coyote hunting at night?

Is red, green or white lights best for feeder lights when hunting hogs?

Does wildlife see red lights at night?


BIGDADDY ANSWERS:  There are so many different types and combinations .. based on your needs, types of hunting, where you hunt and so much more - there are Dusk To Dawn Feeder Lights, HogLights, BigDaddy's Super Bright LED Lights, Boar hunting feeder lights, 55 Gallon Barrel Lid Lights, DIY Feeder Lights, LED Lights, Red, Blue, Green and White lights, INFRARED LED LIGHTS [Night Vision] AMMO CAN LIGHTS, Different Light Housings, Colored Lenses, variations of Dusk to Dawn Sensors, many types of PhotoCell Sensors and Photo Cell Switches, various sizes of Disconnect Cables, 12V Battery Sizes, all kinds of LED LIGHTS, LightHousings, Pilot Light Housings, On/Off Switches, Solar Panels and Chargers needed based on other factors, different Wiring Diagrams and so much more.    


Let BigDaddy know what you need .. and your budget .. and he can help.