Hog Proof Tripod Feeder Foot Pad Six Set Bulk Pack

SKU: 2120

Hog Proof Your Tripod Deer Feeders with this Hog Proof Tripod Feeder Foot Pad Bulk Pack - Eighteen Foot Pads (18) 

Don't let your investment sink in the mud or big burly wild hogs and boars knock down your feeders and destroy all you hard earned time and money - this foot pad design for your feeders is completely unique! The feet are designed to accept a T-Post through the center of the foot. The feet are large 7" square steel plates. Each foot has a large nut welded to it and a ½" bolt that when tightened secures the feeder to the T-Post. This will not only protect the feeder but keep it level and immobile.

Price: $244.44