Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] DEER AND WILDLIFE FEEDERS


Are there any distance restrictions for hunting over my deer feeder during hunting seasons?

Am I required to use an above ground feeding unit?

Is a Spincast feeder better than a drop tube feeder?

What distance from my property line is required for feeder placements?

Can I place a feeder on public land?


Over the last 40+ years of deer hunting .. BigDaddy has had many questions .. from old timers as well as new hunters about almost everything you can imagine .. so if you're looking for deer feeders and are confused .. then let BigDaddy know how he can help with HOGPROOF Feeders, Feeder Controllers, Spincast Units, Protein Feeders for supplemental feding and nutrition needed to be healthy and grow big antlers and producing a strong quality deer herd. Protein feeders in all styles such as "free choice" and trough styles, 6V and 12V Styles for regulated feeding for all seasons feeding for your deer, wildlife and exotics - and available in many sizes, capacities and styles: 200 Lb, 300 Lb, 350 Lb, 400 Lb, 500 Lb, 600 Lb, 700 Lb, 800 Lb, 1000 Lb, 1200 Lb HDPE and Galvanized Feeders, Stand & Fill Feeders, Ground Level Feeders, 3-Way, 4-Way, 55 Gallon feeders, Cotton seed Feeders, Skid/Sled Style Feeders, Square leg and round leg feeders by Ranch King, Mighty Buck Timed Protein Feeders, LAMCO 800 Pound Timed Trough Feeders, Boss Buck, All Seasons, HB Hunting Products, Outback, Ultramatic, Mighty-Buck, EZ Reach Feeders, Capsule Game Feeders, Auger Drive feeders and more.


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