FeederMax 1000 Round Trough Free Choice Protein Feeder

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 COMPLETE FEEDERMAX DEER FEEDER SYSTEM. Includes 1000 LB Hopper (Stk# 20580) Round Trough System (Stk# 20561) 5' Legs (Stk# 20555) Round Trough comes with leg bracing and leg pads. Periscope Lid included. All galvanized or hot dipped, no painting required!

BigDaddy says - Look at all your best deer and game feeders on the market, and you'll see the widest variety of deer and wildlife feed delivery systems at HuntSports and HuntSportsWhitetailDeerFeeders.com and HuntSportsWildlifeFeederSupply.com – every imaginable type with the ability of a single feeder to perform multiple tasks like the FeederMax Systems. BigDaddy says ‘you can "custom build" a feeder to suit any species, any environment, any game or property management style and you'll be able to upgrade and change to meet your needs.  Our FeederMax technology results from many years of involvement in the trophy deer hunting and management born in  Texas.

Want to feed protein ? Corn? .. you decide .. and bolt it on. For instance, you can remove four bolts at the hopper, remove the tray or trough from the legs, add leg braces, bolt on a spin plate with spin timer attached .and you now have a spin feeder where a trough, tray or trough regulated feeder once stood… or what about change ? … it’s a simple and easy  "bolt on" proposition… THINK ABOUT IT .. Suppose you purchase a 600 lb. capacity hopper this year, and next year you decide you want to increase capacity .. You simply bolt on a 400 lb. hopper extension right where the feeder stands .. creating a 1,000 lb. feeder -- at about 75% less than buying a new 1000 lb feeder.

FeederMax gives you maximum flexibility and feeding ability, galvanized means no rust, with many feeders  configured to suit any purpose. Four (4) different feed delivery systems - flat tray, trough, trough regulated and spin / spincast feeder from any one hopper. And with most FeederMax units, you can expand capacity by 50-100%. For instance, you can add a 1000-pound hopper extension to a 1,000-pound unit to create a 2000-pound system. With FeederMax, the possibilities are practically endless. 

All FeederMax feeders and components are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for two years from the date of purchase ( proof of purchase required ). This warranty does not cover abuse, misuse and acts of nature. FeederMax premier timers carry a five-year warranty. Batteries carry a one-year warranty. *All hoppers are rated in grain capacity. 


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