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DIY Deer Feeder Parts Package | 12V Spincast Winch Up Assembly Parts | Build Your Own Crank Up Feeder

Price: $478.88


DIY Deer Feeder Products, Parts and Accessories | Building Your Own Feeders | DIY PLANS FREE - HuntSports line-up of deer feeder parts, accessories and ideas is only limited by your imagination - Winch Up Deer Feeders, Auto Control Timers, Digital and Photo cell automatic parts, deer feeder accessories, Gravity and Free Choice Parts, Varmint Cages and more.


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  • BigDaddy's Famous HOW TO DIY PLANS PDF 
  • 12V H/D Digital Controller, BATTERY AND SOLAR PANEL
  • Winch Assembly w/ Cable and Hook 1200 Lb Capacity     
  • Crank Up Deer Feeder Tripod Header Assembly w/ Pulley   
  • Barrel Band for Metal or Plastic 55 Gallon Drum (Green)   
  • Hanging Bail for 55 Gallon Drum  
  • Wind-Proof Lid for 55 Gallon Drum / Barrel - Slip on 3" Lip  
  • Funnel, Spun Steel for 55 Gallon Barrel     
  • THREE (3) Each - Standard Steel Foot Pads with Stake Holes - (Hog Proof Your Feeders)          


NOTE:  Legs / Pipes Are Not Included Here. (they can be obtained locally for less than LTL Shipping )