DIGITAL SOLAR "four-pack" Wildlife / Deer Feeder Control Ranch Package 6 Volt

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Digital Deer & Wildlife Feeder "four pack"  FOUR (4) COMPLETE UNITS with Batteries and Solar Panels #HSTH6VD

  • FOUR (4) Pack - 6V Rechargeable Batteries Included
  • FOUR (4) Pack - 6V Solar Panel Included 

This ranch or hunting lease package deal includes everything you'll need to set up four (4) feeder units - these are the WGI six volt Digital Feeder Units featuring 6 Volt Digital Power Control Unit (w/ 4 YR Warranty), 6 Volt battery operation and all digital electronics - 4 available feed times per day with feed time duration settings from 1 to 20 seconds.


Price: $488.88