The Blynd - Plastic Deer Hunting Blinds


BigDaddy@HuntSports: There may be hundreds of dealers nationwide [United States] where you can see "The Blynd" .. and purchase one IF THEY STOCK THE ONE YOU WANT" ( probably not ) and If there is a dealer near you?? .. the factory will ship you what you need direct to your door, eliminating dealers .. you can order the BLYND in any configuration .. with or without the base units .. tower stands, accessories and replacement parts .. all directly to the public via the online store ..

OR .. you can contact BigDaddy -



BigDaddy Says: REMEMBER - Important Information about Purchasing The Blynd .. dealers are independent retailers who set their own prices, and must cover their shipping and any other expenses they incur related to selling The Blynd .. and because The Blynd and the towers must be shipped by common carrier, the shipping cost is based upon the total weight and the destination.