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HuntSports.com division of HuntUSA.org and the National Hunting Consortium founded by BigDaddy ( a.k.a. C J Krzywonski ) .. in pursuit of the trophy whitetail deer  .. IT'S HOW WE'RE ALL CONNECTED ! 


Born and raised in South Texas and began my whitetail deer hunting days when deer contests like the "Muy Grande" .. Los Cazadores and the Texas Los Cuernos Big Buck Contests were in their infancy .. times when guys like Jerry Johnston had a dream and it turned  it into the "TTHA" .. Texas Trophy Hunters Association  .. A dream to bring together serious and passionate whitetail deer hunters everywhere .. guys like Roy Stuman, R.I.P. , developer of all the "Bull of the Woods" products .. where ideas were born, we all learned from one another, shared ideas and stories, built dreams and deer blinds, deerstands and improved the whitetail habitat where we hunted. All this was just the beginning - then in 1977 Litton Industries helped turn "BigDaddy" into a hunting fanatic! ( fa·nat·ic (f-n t k) n. A person ( BigDaddy ) marked or motivated by an extreme, unreasoning enthusiasm for whitetail deer hunting and all things related! )

Back in the early days everything I could find on whitetail hunting by the likes of San Antonio's own Jerry Johnston founder of TTHA in the mid to late 70's, Larry Weishuhn , John Wooters, Bill Jordan, Jackie Bushman and many others was consumed with regularity, read, studied, watched and listened to over and over! Videos like the Judging and Aging Trophy Whitetails by Smith & Taylor was the definitive hunting video.  In those days .. I even talked with God about "hunting" because everything I read in the Scripture was about "fishing" .. and I couldn't catch a fish if it jumped out of the water and into my lap! - I guess that's one of the reasons we built the http://www.iaskGod.com  website.
Deer Hunting is a whole lot more than going out and shooting a deer - it's a lot of things to different people - and I personally have found hunting to be a time of relaxation, enjoyment, being with family and friends - but most of all a time used for spiritual renewal - developing bonds and relationships with sons and daughters and trusting and praising the Lord and Creator of All The Universe! Deer hunting is about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! - but make no mistake about it my friends - it can be one of your most "rewarding and spiritual times of your life" .. and it is my prayer that you will find that special time to get alone with the God of the Heavens and Creator and Maker of All .. remembering to thank The Most High God .. for all your blessings!
Sure, we at HuntSports will sell you hunting gear .. and share things on Facebook and Twitter - but after all is said and done ... NO ONE says it better or shoots straighter .. than Jesus Christ ... REMEMBER ..  "And what shall it profit a man if he were to gain the whole world and lose his own soul?


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BigDaddys youngest son himself aka his "Baby Boy" aka me knows what his hunting guide is talking about and that is why he is the best in the hunting world at least i believe so! I also know for a fact that HuntSports is the place for all your outdoor needs so just give my daddy aka BigDaddy a call and he will do everything he can to serve you right. My Dad is and always will be the greatest dad in the world to me and the experiences we have had in the field and on our hunting adventures are experiences that i wouldn't trade for any material thing in the world and are all things i want to lord willing pass down to generations to come ... Any question i have i would come to my dad first and especially about anything on hunting because i know that he knows best..