5 MP Elite 5 LightsOut™ Digital Game Scouting Cam w/ SD Cards & External Battery Pack

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The Elite 5 LightsOut™ deer and wildlife scouting camera from HuntSports™ and WGI is a newly designed "invisible infrared" flash camera technology with 5MP clarity and crispness. 48 invisible infrared LED emitters will provide shots out to 60' - also features simple set up and use featuring Flextime+™ time lapse and Redux™ anti-blur technology. Camera features a 16:9 wide angle lens, which is perfect for capturing shots day or night. This new Lightsout™ technology will provide super performance and realistic value. Field tested by BigDaddy and highly recommended. 

ALSO INCLUDED -  External Battery Package for long battery life in the field and 4GB SD Card TWIN PACK (2 Pack)

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Price: $248.88