4 Pc Feeder Barrel Parts Package - Barrel Band, Lid, Funnel & Coon Cage

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Build Your Own Deer Feeder Parts Package. 55/85 Gallon Barrel

This package Includes: 

  • One (1) Heavy Duty Barrel Leg Band System for 55 Gallon Barrel w/ tab supports that do not require drilling holes in the bvarrel. ( No moisture to corrupt your feed ). Units are galvanized and come unpainted. Barrel Leg Band System comes with three 20" legs. 
  • One (1) Lid with a 3" - this slip on unit does not lock, and is heavy enough to insure that wind, rain and critters can\'t get to the feed. (23 3/4" Diameter). 
  • One (1) Funnel - a most critical part for building a good feeder that will function all year round and in all conditions. You can feed protein pellets with this one. These funnels are one piece spun, galvanized steel and built to last! (22.375" OD). 
  • One (1)  Deluxe Round Varmint Cage - latching side drop down allowing easy access to your timer and battery. Comes complete with mounting brackets and self-tapping screws.
Price: $148.88