12V Remington Trophy Hunter Digital Deer Feeder Control Timer Part

SKU: 1065

Universal Feeder Timer Control / Circuit Board Replacement Part 

Fits BOTH 6V 12V Systems - almost all 12V and 6V deer, fish and wildlife feeders. This top quality universal digital timer will replace old analog timers as well, and has been used by many others for circuit board replacemnents for Kenco Straight Shooters, Kenco Tornado Feeders, Kenco Tornado and Smart Timer circuit board replacements, for Life Timer II board replacements and other Kenco Feeders. This universal unit features battery-type "auto detect" display for 12V battery operations, from 1 to 6 available feed time settings per day and from 1 to 30 second timed spin activation durations ( throw settings ) , large, easy to view, liquid crystal display, adjustable motor spin speed control ( Low, Med or High ) and has large, silicone rubber buttons that are weather resistant and easy to use. All hook up and install will require wiring by owner.  

Price: $48.88