12V H/D Deer Feeder Complete Package - Remote

SKU: 979

12V Deer Feeder Feeder D.I.Y. Package

  • One Heavy Duty Power Control Unit Box, Hardware etc. 
  • Digital Timer Timer Control / 4 YR Warranty    
  • One (1) 12V Mono-Crystalline Deluxe Solar Panel
  • One (1) 12V DC Rechargeable Battery
  • One (1) Remote Control System for above - 1000 ft range.   

Four (4) Year Warranty

Deluxe Solar Panel comes with aluminum mounting bracket and all hardware.

Polycarbonate front cover - For years of trouble-free service and a protective steel flex-conduit shielded cable and alligator battery clips.

Digital Timer  Heavy Duty / All-Weather Design with battery system check, and charge level indicator, Lo-Med-High Spinner RPM Control, all Digital w/ 4 feed times & 1 to 20 second duration sets. 

Battery - 12V / 7AH Deluxe Grade Gel-Cell Rechargeable. 

Price: $228.88