Complete Fish Feeder - DIRECTIONAL THROW Battery and Solar

SKU: 1051

The HuntSports™ "directional throw" Model #HSADF150DXB/S is the newest in the AquaPro®  WGI Line of fish feeders for those looking for affordable, well constructed directional feeders for the lake, pond, dock or riverfront property. Durable poly barrel has a 300 lb. feed capacity, and digital 6V power control timer unit allows for multiple feedings.  

  • Battery and Solar Panel Assembly Included
  • Easy to assemble three piece design.
  • Stands approximately 6 ft. tall
  • Virtually varmint proof

As a directional feeder, the HS/ADF-150DX and DXB/S Models can be placed on the shoreline or dock and project feed out into the pond up to approximately 50 ft.  The feeder carries 4 year warranty as the old  ADF75D and ADF200D Models. 

Price: $208.88