American Hunter DF25 Directional Fish Feeder

SKU: 2562

American Hunter DF25 Directional Fish Feeder

If you need a feeder that can feed more times per day, or a feeder that only feeds on certain days, the American Hunter DF25 could be for you.  Easy to install and a large capacity 25 gallon hopper gives this unit versatility that most other feeders do not have. Feeds 1 to 16 times per day, and is capable of feeding different days of the week. Timer settings are adjustable with feed rates of 1-30 seconds per feeding. Easy to set up and install.

Units from HuntSports Comes Complete With:

  •  No-Blow Slinger
  •  25 gallon hopper
  • Weather resistant housing
  • Digital Clock Timer & Guard


Price: $168.88