WRC-0610 Game Stalker Electronic Game Call w/ 300 Pre Loaded Calls

SKU: 2268

​GAME STALKER - The latest technology ever in digital game calling.

 The Game Stalker MP3 game caller with the addition of the insta-scan sound feature allows you to recall ten sounds at a time and view five sounds on the LCD screen to choose your calling selection.

  • 1GB storage capacity
  • Advanced 250 yard long range remote control, with liquid crystal green back light display
  • Extensive 300 pre-loaded game calls
  • Dual Hi-output horn speakers boost volume for peak performance
  • Select-a-speaker for remote changing speakers from left to right
  • Large key pads for ease of use in field with gloves
  • Insta-scan sound selection for fast scan of calls
  • Remote control uplink port/cable for sync of system (USB cable included)
  • Caller operates on eight (8) AA batteries, remote operates on one (1) 9V battery
Price: $298.88